As an alumna, being a NSLI-Y chaperon is all kinds of crazy. Not in a bad way, just in the sense that as a participant, you don’t always notice everything that goes on behind the scenes – you have only yourself to be concerned about, and so as long as your own personal needs are met and you’re participating actively, you kind of have no reason or even chance to catch a glimpse of how program staff – whether it be a resident director or liaisons or a team of chaperons – make it all run.

As a chaperon, some of the tasks I have performed so far include riding the hotel shuttle to and from the airport to pick up students as they arrived, ordering more Domino’s pizza than I ever expected to order in my life, chatting with/presenting to the students about my experiences as a NSLI-Y alum, doing room checks at night, and helping to write a post for the official blog. I’ve also been designated as the keeper of the passports and all our flight info. So I guess you could say I’ve had a pretty eventful time so far, and we haven’t even left the US yet!

Speaking of leaving the US, I’m going to stop here for now because it’s already more than half past midnight and I have volunteered to take the first group of kids to the airport at the inhuman hour of 6:50 tomorrow morning. Unless I spring for the wifi on the plane, I may not post again until we arrive in China. Wish me luck!