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So I never finished posting about Germany… Sorry about that. I was required to keep journals so I’ll probably create some posts out of those so that my Germany category isn’t half finished.

I successfully finished my first year at university and also declared a German minor!

And I’m going back to China this summer! This will be my 5th trip to China, and I’m really excited. I will be there for almost 2 months, 3 weeks of which will be spent visiting friends and my host family and 5 weeks of which will be spent volunteering teaching English in an underprivileged area with an organization called Learning Enterprises. I don’t have very much experience with teaching, and I won’t know my students’ age or English level before I get there, so I’m a little nervous. But I will have other volunteers and also a native-Chinese-speaking teaching partner with me, so I won’t be left completely on my own to figure things out. On top of that, we’ll be volunteering in Jiangsu province in an area not too far from where my host family lives; it makes me feel even better knowing they’ll be close by. I’m hoping that I’ll have opportunities to blog while I’m there (and that I’ll remember to do so)!