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That’s right! In less than 10 days, I’ll be traveling to Germany! I leave the US on January 4th and then reLeipzigturn on February 4th, right before spring semester starts on February 9th. I’ll be traveling as part of a group of 12 students and one German professor from my university. We’ll be staying at the University of Leipzig (Universität Leipzig) in Leipzig, Saxony in the eastern part of Germany and also visiting Dresden and Berlin for one weekend each. The other two weekends will be one weekend staying in Leipzig, and the other is a free weekend, when I’m hoping to travel and visit a friend who is currently in Germany on another exchange program! And since this is a study abroad program through my university, I’ll be getting credits for a German language class and a German culture class.

Spending next month in Germany is sure to be an interesting adventure. I took German for one semester in high school and this past semester during my first semester at university. That’s it. And although I did well in both those classes, my German is not at a level that I’m sure I would even describe as basic. Not to mention, with almost a month off from school before I get to Germany, and limited opportunities to practice German at home, I have a feeling I’m going to forget a lot of the things that I HAVE learned. So it’s gonna be great!

But I’m excited!