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Howdy! I arrived in China Monday morning, local time, and now it’s Wednesday morning!

Getting here: Took forrrrrrr-ever…. But was rather un-eventful, thankfully! I flew from the US to a 9-hour layover in Frankfurt, and then from Frankfurt to Shanghai. I DID get to see Mongolia from the airplane like I wanted to! But I don’t have any pictures because I couldn’t charge my phone in Germany and I needed to conserve the battery. There was also a lot of glare because it was early morning. It was really pretty though!! Instead of pictures of Mongolia, attached to this post you should find a picture of the ENORMOUS plane I flew on!

Arrival in Shanghai: Monday morning, local time. I was met at the airport and brought to my apartment, where a kind Hutong School staff member showed me around before going to the airport to pick up someone else. I went to the convenience store to buy something to drink, took a shower, chatted online for a bit, and then fell asleep. I was asleep when my housemate got home and didn’t get to meet her… But attached you should also find two pictures of the view out my window!

First Day at Hutong School: Yesterday morning, the same lovely staff member who showed me around my apartment picked me up, and we and a guy from France walked together to the subway station at Zhenping Road (镇坪路) where we met up with another guy from London and took the subway together to the stop at Changshu Road (常熟路) where we disembarked and walked around the corner to the school. When we got there, they placed us into classes, and they gave us our class schedules, a short orientation, and a bag of goodies. Some of the Hutong School staff took the three of us and one other new student to lunch at a Hunan restaurant, which I think was the first real food I had eaten in at least 48 hours… After that, the French and English guy started classes that afternoon so I took the subway back to my apartment and did some college stuff. When I was done, I made my way back to meet the events coordinator at the school and go on a night walk through Shanghai! Attached, find some pictures of the school. There will probably be more to come!

Night walk through Shanghai: I’ll make a separate post for this so I can include pictures. I’m posting by email, and it can handle only so many attachments at once.

Today: It is currently 6:05am on Wednesday, June 11. My class starts at 9 and goes until 2. I’m thinking I’ll go to a noodle place for breakfast and then take the subway to school. Not sure what I’ll do once class is over, but if it’s interesting, I’ll make sure I tell you about it!

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