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It would seem I haven’t written in a while, and today’s sleet and snow have trapped me inside. So lucky you – you get a new post!

Since my last update, quite a bit has happened. First, I switched my city for this summer from Beijing to Shanghai. Second, I’ve paid my tuition for the Hutong School in full and also bought my plane tickets! I’m excited to be flying Lufthansa to and from Shanghai, with a stop in Frankfurt both ways. I’ve never been to Germany, so I’m pretty excited about that, even though it is just the airport. I’ve also received acceptance letters from two universities so far, still waiting on responses from the other seven. And finally and perhaps the most exciting, I’ve got lots of visiting planned for my time in China! I intend to spend a day with a friend in Changzhou, two weeks with my NSLI-Y host family in Suzhou following my Hutong School program, and possibly a day in Hangzhou with one of my Chinese teachers. All those cities are close to Shanghai, so I’ll be able to take the train back and forth. Luckily, Chinese train tickets are not supposed to be very expensive.

I’ve also discovered two new loves: Netflix and Postcrossing! I’m not going to spend much time talking about Netflix because it’s completely unimportant to this blog, but let’s talk about Postcrossing. Whoever invented this website is a genius. You create a free account and send postcards to other members from around the world! On each postcard you send, you write an ID number that the recipient can log into the website when they receive it. That way, they can find out where it came from, and the system can give you the OK to send out another card whenever you’re ready. But the best thing that happens when the card you sent gets logged is that your address gets assigned to someone else, and they send YOU a postcard! International snail mail can make this a lengthy process, but you never know exactly when you’ll find that next card in your mailbox, or what country it’ll be from, or what it’ll say. I recently received my very first postcard from a kind Postcrosser in Germany! I can’t wait to collect more!

My very first postcard from Postcrossing, received February 10, 2014!

My very first postcard from Postcrossing, received February 10, 2014!