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NSLI-Y Chinese summer notifications started going out today! It was super-weird to see some of the changes that have been made, and also strange to see all the happy people in the same place I was just under a year ago. I remember getting my notification for NSLI-Y Chinese Summer 2012: April 12 at 5pm! I remember shaking, being so excited, calling my friends and family, freaking out on Facebook, and starting this blog. This year, I’ve applied for NSLI-Y again, but for Chinese year, not summer. Year notifications haven’t started yet, so I’m watching the summer emails come in. I’m watching people being told they’re going to China, and yet none of it concerns me. Chinese summer was my program last year; this year it’s not. And yet the program goes on. So strange. Kind of a nostalgia thing, I guess.

Anyway, now that Chinese summer has started being notified, the only summer program left is Korean, and the years will probably start soon. Let the freaking out begin! I’m going to try to limit my email checking, but next week is spring break, and I will be rather sedentary because I’m supposed to get my wisdom teeth out… So it’ll just be me… and the computer… and the email… and the waiting… So horrible.

I’ll keep this post short because I don’t have much more to talk about and would prefer not to bore people. 🙂 Next time you hear from me should be when I’ve gotten my notification, whether it’s good or bad. Wish me luck!