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I really, really want to host an exchange student. Since I was little, I would be so jealous of the kids in TV shows who got to have exchange students! To this day, I have still never hosted, but this past summer, I myself was hosted by a family in China. They took me into their home and treated me like they treated their own daughters. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had; I gained a second home and a second family. And now I feel even more inclined to host because I know firsthand the meaning and the value of that experience to the student. It’s a chance to learn another language and culture and to share your own. It’s a chance to build new relationships. It’s a chance to create a comfort zone out of a place you’ve never been before. It’s a chance to follow a dream.

Sadly, I currently do not have the means to host an exchange student. Someday, hopefully, I will have the opportunity to open my home to a foreign student and make him or her part of my family, just like my host family this past summer did for me. In the meantime, I write this post to encourage you and your family to host. It’s a huge commitment, but it’s also a huge act of kindness for which words can hardly express gratitude. There are students out there waiting, hoping, for an American family to host them! If you have the means to become a host family, please do look into it. It will mean the world to a student out there somewhere.

Host an exchange student!

Host an exchange student!