I’ve talked a lot about outings and cultural experiences, but I guess I haven’t told you about what my average day is like, have I? I realized this after reading the blog of another friend who is currently in China, so I’m taking his idea.

6:20am, Phone alarm goes off. Hit snooze and remain in bed (赖床) for 5 more minutes.

6:25am, Force myself out of bed. Shuffle to the bathroom, comb my hair, and get dressed.

~6:40am, Go with my older host sister down three flights of stairs to Grandma and Grandpa’s ( and 奶奶 and 爷爷, respectively) apartment to eat breakfast (早饭). Usually congee/porridge (粥), sometimes noodles (面条).

Between 6:50 and 7:00am, Go down one more flight of stairs and walk for about 5 minutes to the bus stop, where I wait about 10 minutes for the 106 bus, which takes me to school.

~7:25am, Get off the bus and walk from the stop to school, stopping along the way at Family Mart or Babi Mantou (巴比馒头) for some juice or a snack.

~7:30am, Arrive at school and hang out until class starts (what I’m doing now).

8:00am-12noon, Chinese class with Li Laoshi and Ji Laoshi (Laoshi means teacher).

Noon-1:00pm, Lunch (午饭).

1:00pm-2:00pm, Culture class, which is different every day.

2:00pm, Leave school. Stop at Coco to buy bubble tea. By the way, I’m a regular there now; the lady knows exactly what I want when I walk in! Then, walk to my bus stop and take the 106 bus to my parents’ store.

~3:15pm, Watch TV and work on homework in our apartment above the store.

5:00pm, Eat dinner (晚饭). My host mom is an awesome cook. That is all.

~6:00pm, Go back to the apartment where we actually live. Finish any unfinished homework. Check email.

~8:15pm, Shower (洗澡)

~9:15pm, Make sure I have money for the next day. Set out my bus fare for the morning. Go to bed because I’m exhausted.