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Yes, the title of this post is what I ate for breakfast this morning at McDonald’s; who wudda thunk, right? It wasn’t too bad, either, actually. This is also a rather appropriate title because today was a VERY food-filled day… My host mom says I don’t eat enough, and I feel a little bad because I think she thinks I don’t like her cooking… It’s not that at all; I really am just full! I really hope I can make sure she knows that her cooking is REALLY GOOD, even if there are certain vegetables I don’t delve into (just because I’m not a veggie person, haha).

Anyway, as I mentioned, my host mom and I went to McDonald’s (麦当劳) for breakfast, and I took a menu-y thing so that I SHOW people at home rather than struggling to describe what I ate, haha. Later, my host mom took me to the supermarket (超市) and told me that if I saw something I liked, we could buy it. I wound up with a Hershey’s bar and a pack of chocolate chip cookies, mostly because everything there was unidentifiable; everything had labels in Chinese, and a LOT of it was foreign: Japanese, Korean, even Italian and German! We also stopped at Haagen Daas and some other snack place that had smoothies and different kinds of shish-kabob-ed meat. (Yes, this was all at the same place, too… Chinese “supermarkets,” “malls,” and “department stores” are NOTHING at all like their American counterparts; they’re like Wal-mart times 10 haha.) After dinner, my host mom sent my sister and me out to KFC where we got some ice cream, and I also tried a bubble tea (aka pearl tea 珍珠奶茶) for the first time and discovered I don’t like it (at KFC) haha. Now it’s 8pm and we’re back home and I’m stuffed (吃饱了) . No fruit for me tonight, thanks.

Before I get off of here, I’ve got a couple more random bits to add:
First, this park that’s near where I live, it’s pretty awesome. At night it fills with people and music, and 3 or 4 huge groups of people spread themselves out and dance, each group to different music. It’s all synchronized, kind of flash mob style, except nightly and everyone knows about it. It’s really interesting to watch the people dancing! Their ages range from little kids completely ignoring the synchronization to older people, probably in their 50s and 60s, not always as energetic as the younger ones, but putting in their best effort and having fun all the same. They’re all dressed differently, too; some as if they’d just come from work, and others as if they’d been sitting on the couch all day. The couples dancing is particularly interesting to watch. People disregard gender — men and women dance together, women dance with women, and men even dance with other men — and just enjoy themselves! Usually I’m not a people person, but there’s just something about the community and friendliness in Chinese culture that makes me feel happy inside. 🙂
Second, when my host mom and I were leaving said park last night, we passed this group of little kids who were probably 4 or 5 years old. When I walked by, they stopped mid-game and started shouting, “外国人,外国人!” (“Foreigner, foreigner!”) That kind of thing is by no means a rare occurrence for me here; I get stared at and asked about all the time, haha. Little kids and young women are generally the most shy, but I did figure out how to make friends with the 10-year-old son of a woman who works in my host parents’ store… Pull out my phone and start playing Angry Birds, then invite him to try. It definitely worked; he stopped hiding behind his mom!
Last, our Chinese classes start on Monday, so posting every day probably won’t happen. I’m sure you guys won’t mind that much; you’d probably get sick of me, haha. It’s just that I don’t really have much to do in the evenings just yet, since communication with my family is limited, and I have no homework. I am hoping to get my OWN laptop connected to the internet soon, though, so that when I start taking pictures, I can upload a few into my posts, whenever I make those.

So, I guess I’m going to go now… Posting giant blocks of English text to my blog isn’t exactly the point of this program, is it? Haha… I hope everyone at home has a great day, and that any NSLI-Yers/CIEEers/YESers/etc reading this abroad or preparing to leave have an AMAZING time in their host countries! 😀