My final flight itinerary came today! I’ll be flying from home to Washington, DC for my pre-departure orientation (aka PDO) on June 25, and then from DC to Chicago then on to Shanghai on June 27! I’m a little sad that we don’t have any stops in any other countries, but in the end, WE’RE GOING TO CHINA! And, it’ll be cool to see Chicago, even if only from an airplane; I’ve never been there. šŸ˜€ Also, I supposedly have a business class seat on my flight home from Chicago in August. I’m hoping they don’t change that! If you’re interested in tracing my flights, let me know, and I’ll send you a more specific itinerary!

Anyway, we have 13 days left as of this post, and I’m freaking out trying to get everything done that needs to be done. I’ve finished most of my shopping forĀ necessities, but I still have no idea what kinds of host family gifts to buy. I’ve decided to make a photo album, and I’ll probably burn a couple CDs, but when I try to consider gifts for my host parents, I draw a complete blank. I can barely buy gifts for my own parents, let alone two people who are, at least for right now, complete strangers.

I also still have so much summer reading to get done! I saw a picture on my friend’s Tumblr last night; it said, “So much ambition but so little motivation.” That really just about covers my life right now… I keep telling myself not to worry too much about Catch-22Ā orĀ The Great Gatsby, that I can read those on the plane and I don’t really have to do it now, but who am I kidding? Do I ACTUALLY think I’m going to spend even my plane time reading those?? I might, Rabbit, I might…. But then again, I probably won’t.