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I got my host family information today! One step closer to China! I’m not supposed to post their personal information and photos — for privacy reasons — but I can tell you that I’m so excited to meet them! My host parents are both business people, and I’ll have one host sister who is about my age. Once I meet my family, I’ll probably start referring to my host dad as Shushu (叔叔 uncle) and my host mom as Ayi (阿姨 auntie/aunt) because that’s most likely what I’ll be calling them in person. I am a little nervous because my family isn’t supposed to speak English to me a lot — but I suppose that’s the point of the program haha — so I’ll probably be playing charades for a while. It’ll be exciting, though; I’m going to learn so much from them!

Unfortunately, before I actually get to MEET my family, there’s so much that has to be done! I’m still waiting for my flight itinerary; I have to finish my summer reading; and I have to shop and pack! Every time I check my countdowns, I get really excited… until I realize how much I have to cram into the time left! It’s going to be an exciting 3 and a half weeks (from the time I post this), and then an even more exciting 6 weeks! Can’t wait!