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So, I don’t know the first thing about blogging, but I’ve decided to try because hopefully somebody will be interested in what I’m up to during my travels. Here goes:

I’m going to CHINA! I got accepted into a program called the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, aka NSLI-Y, which the US State Department runs to send high school students abroad to learn “critical languages,” ones that aren’t taught much here in the US. They have lots of different programs, but the only one I wanted was China, and I got in! I’ve been waiting since the end of January… Anyway, I don’t know what city I’m going to get; American Councils, my implementing organization, sends students to four: Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Changchun. I’m REALLY hoping for Zhengzhou, but I’ll be excited no matter what!

I’ve been to China twice before through the Confucius Institute and Hanban, but those programs were for two weeks; this one is for six! I’ll be staying with a host family for the whole trip, and we’ll get to take language and culture classes and go on field trips. One of my best friends went to Shanghai through this program last year, and I know some of the language and some of what to expect, so I’m not too nervous. I just want it to hurry up and get here! My pre-departure orientation (PDO) is June 25-27, so I still have to wait about two months… 😦

It’s time for me to go focus on my homework now; I’ll post more as time goes on!